Executive Director Update

ATNI-EDC’s parent organization ATNI has selected next Executive Director: The Executive Board of Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI) has selected Amber Schulz-Oliver as the organization’s next Executive Director. Ms. Schulz-Oliver will join [ATNI] on September 6, 2022.

Amber is a descendant of the Yakama Nation and has Wasco, Hawaiian, Shoshone, and European ancestry. She currently serves as the Executive Director of Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Economic Development Corporation (ATNI-EDC). Among her accomplishments at ATNI-EDC, Amber has developed a regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy and grew the capital base of the loan program. Under her latest initiative, Amber designed a strategy to deploy Tribal State Small Business Credit Initiative Funds—a Department of Treasury program that will bring upwards of $17 million dollars into the Pacific Northwest to develop Tribal and Native-owned businesses. Her experience in non-profit organization, capacity building, fundraising, and community engagement will continue to strengthen this long-standing organization.

“The ATNI Executive Board is excited to announce the hire of Amber Schulz-Oliver as our new Executive Director. Amber has a great knowledge and understanding of ATNI through her work at ATNI-EDC. We are looking forward to a smooth transition and new chapter in our history. Amber is committed to further strengthening of our organization to serve our member tribes and achieve our important mission. The Executive Board appreciates the strong applicants and the quality brought forward for selection in this process.”

Amber looks forward to propelling ATNI to its next phase to continue making impacts both regionally and nationally. “I am truly honored that I have been warmly welcomed to the ATNI Family- first to ATNI-EDC, and now in this new role as Executive Director of ATNI. I look forward to using my skills and experience to serve ATNI and ATNI Member Tribes in this new capacity.”

ATNI-EDC is grateful for Amber’s years of service to our mission, vision and values. Stay tuned for what is next at ATNI-EDC!

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