Happening Tomorrow: VTE Webinar Series

Join us tomorrow for the first Vibrant Tribal Economies webinar!

The series kicks off on February 18 with guest speaker Dr. Robert Miller (Eastern Shawnee Tribe), Professor of Law at Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law.

  • Friday, February 18
  • 12 – 1:15 pm PST
  • Click here to register

The COVID pandemic has reinforced for communities worldwide the importance of resilience and self-reliance.  For tribal communities, these goals have been obvious for millennia–but increasingly beyond reach.  Over the past four hundred years, tribal communities in North America have systematically had their economies undermined through expropriation, uprooting, resettlement, and colonization. The result is the worst levels of poverty, ill health, illiteracy, and other social challenges in the country.  To restore prosperity, tribal communities must diversify, strengthen, and expand their own businesses. Over the past three years, the Northwest Area Foundation has been promoting their ideas in eight tribal communities. This series is designed to share the building blocks of “Vibrant Tribal Economies” to a larger audience.

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