EDA Indigenous Communities Webinar – Today 10/12

EDA was allotted $3B through the American Rescue Plan Act. In July, EDA announced that $100M of that funding would be reserved for Indigenous communities through the Indigenous Communities Challenge. The Seattle Regional Office has been allocated $43.8M of that Indigenous Communities funding.

Tuesday, October 12th at 11am PST, there will be a webinar for Tribes in Washington to dive into this program in further detail. It will highlight some of the components in the NOFO that distinguish this program from our other EDA funding opportunities. It will also share information regarding EDA’s recent decision to expand its definition of Tribes to include for-profit entities that are wholly owned by and established exclusively for the benefit of a Tribe.

On September 24, 2021 EDA announced that it has updated its regulations to create greater opportunities for Native American Communities to participate in its grant programs. The new rule, which has been published in the Federal Register, extends EDA Tribal eligibility to include for-profit entities that are wholly owned by and established exclusively for the benefit of a Tribe. This comes as a result of EDA’s ongoing efforts to meet the needs of our Tribal communities and to increase their participation.

Contact info@atniedc.com for the log in information.

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