ATNI-EDC has completed the 5-year Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). The CEDS was accepted by the ATNI membership through an ATNI resolution at the ATNI Annual Convention (October 2019).  The Economic Development Administration accepted the ATNI-EDC CEDS in April 2020.

The vision of the ATNI-EDC CEDS is to build an Inter-Tribal economy that takes care of all Tribal citizens; where “the old way” governs our direction, with respect to sovereignty and sustainability; where Tribal citizens have ready employment opportunities, including upper management positions; where wealth is generated from within Indian Country; where Tribes leverage collective economic power to enhance Inter-Tribal economy; where Tribal entrepreneurs have the support and infrastructure to establish and sustain businesses; where all Tribal citizens are healthy and happy; where Indian youth continue to find value in their culture, and find opportunity and prosperity in their homelands.

The final document outlines three guiding principals:

  • Support ATNI Tribes to Meet their Economic Development Goals
  • Support Inter-Tribal Economy Building
  • Support Tribal Entrepreneurs

You can download the final ATNI-EDC CEDS by clicking here.