ATNI-EDC Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

ATNI-EDC completed a draft of it’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy in April 2019. The draft is under review, and will be discussed at the 2019 ATNI Mid-Year Convention in Spokane, WA (May 20-24).

To download the full draft, click here.

Draft for Review – Executive Summary (April 2019)

Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Economic Development Corporation (ATNI-EDC) has a mission to provide financial and technical assistance in the areas of community and economic development to the 56 ATNI Member Tribes and their tribal members.  ATNI Member Tribes include all of the tribes in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, as well as some tribes in Northern California, Nevada, Montana, and Alaska.  A complete list of member tribes is in Appendix A. ATNI-EDC is a wholly owned, separately-financed subsidiary of The Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI). 

The vision of the ATNI-EDC CEDS is to build an intertribal economy that takes care of all; where “the old way” governs our direction, with respect to sovereignty and sustainability; where every tribal member that wants a job has a job, and upper management positions are held by tribal members; where all wealth is generated from within; where tribes leverage collective economic power to grow the overall intertribal economy; where ‘economy’ is not a dirty word, and prosperity is tangible; where entrepreneurs have the tools and infrastructure to build and grow their dream businesses; where all tribal members are healthy, well-fed, and happy; where children continue to find value in their culture, and know that they can always come home to opportunity and prosperity.

The 2019- 2020 aims to serve two purposes:

  • Assist ATNI Member Tribes meet the goals outlined in their strategies.   ATNI-EDC is a lean organization. As such, our approach to assisting tribes meet their economic development goals was to identify the top 5 issues that are common between several Tribes and build programming to address those specific issues.  We’re taking the ‘broad-brushstroke’ approach to try and move the needle. Throughout the information gathering process, we have learned that the following issues are a high-priority across many ATNI member tribes:
    • Housing
    • Infrastructure (broadly defined- includes broadband)
    • Financing & investments (intertribal too)
    • Entrepreneur training/ private sector development (intertribal too)
    • Education & Workforce Development
  • Create a platform for a thriving inter-tribal economy. ATNI-EDC is a natural hub to leverage the collective expertise and knowledge that is housed within member Tribes.  There are seven identified areas that ATNI-EDC would like to explore to advance intertribal economic development:
    • Story-Telling
    • Support Tribal Lenders
    • Buy-Indian
    • Shared Learning
    • Regional Investments
    • Policy Advocacy
    • International Business