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For more than 50  years, the members of the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI) have provided regional leadership, and advocacy, for Northwest Tribal interests. The Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI) is one of the oldest and most respected regional organizations in the United States. Established in 1953 by Tribal leaders, ATNI represents over 50 Tribes from primarily Oregon, Washington, Idaho, with additional member Tribes in Alaska, Montana, Nevada, and Northern California.

Member Tribes join ATNI by Tribal resolution, and appoint elected Tribal council members to become voting delegates to ATNI. This "Council of Councils" sends delegates who attend three working conferences per year (February, May, September), each attracting hundreds of Tribal leaders from throughout the region. ATNI delegates elect the ATNI Executive Board. All American Indians, regardless of their Tribal membership, are welcome to participate in ATNI programming.

As a result of the long-range planning spawned by the economic needs of the ATNI Member Tribes, in 1996, ATNI Economic Development Corporation (ATNI-EDC), a wholly owned nonprofit subsidiary of ATNI, was formed pursuant to ATNI Resolution #96-17 and recognized pursuant to ATNI Resolution #96-66.

The elected Executive Board of ATNI appoints the ATNI EDC Board of Directors, who serve without pay or reimbursement. The mission of the ATNI Economic Development Corporation is “to act on the Member Tribes’ behalf with respect to income producing enterprises collectively owned by the Tribes, providing economic development as a separate and distinct entity from the Tribal Governments”.

The ATNI EDC staff and consultants work collaboratively to serve ATNI member tribes through various programs.

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(As of Feb 1, 2007)

ATNI-EDC & ATNI-EDC Revolving Loan Fund

Mike Burton (Director)
18230 Frost Rd.
Dallas OR 97338

Cell: 206-595-0671
Fax: 503-623-4714


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